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Fletcher Aluminium’s commitment to the highest standards of environmental management has recently earned it Diamond-level certification from Enviro-Mark NZ.

Certification of Fletcher Aluminium’s Environmental Management System was achieved at the start of October, following a significant and ongoing effort by the business to develop and implement a tool that would meet the stringent requirements of ISO 14001.

“We are delighted to have achieved this accreditation as it recognises the huge amount of focus and energy that our team has put into achieving best practice in sustainability for all aspects of our business,” says Fletcher Aluminium’s Process and Environmental Manager, Bimal Sheth.

Enviro-Mark NZ’s Diamond-level certification recognises businesses that have followed its recommendations and are deemed by a third-party auditor to have met the requirements of the internationally recognised ISO 14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management Systems.

For Fletcher Aluminium, having committed to a long-term vision of ensuring that its operations, products and services will strive for a positive impact on the environment, achieving an industry-leading level of environmental management has been a key objective.

“We are ambitious in our environmental goals - by next year we’re aiming to have reduced our waste sent to landfill by 95%, and by 2018 we want to be carbon neutral – so having the highest possible level of certification for our Environmental Management System is hugely important in ensuring we achieve what we’ve set out to do,” says Bimal.

Fletcher Aluminium’s environmental efforts are founded on a holistic approach involving engagement and education of employees, as well as regular audits on the business’ inputs, outputs and processes through the Environmental Management System. Areas that are subject to particular attention include waste reduction, energy use, water conservation and reduction of caustic chemicals.

In addition to its internal management systems, Fletcher Aluminium is also an active participant in the wider Fletcher Building Carbon Disclosure project, and was the first aluminium extruder in New Zealand to undertake a full life-cycle assessment of its products to allow it to continuously improve environmental performance.

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At a Glance: Fletcher Aluminium’s Environmental Efforts

Vision: ‘Our operations, products and services will strive for a positive impact on the environment.’


  • Be carbon neutral by 2018
  • 95% reduction of waste to landfill by 2012
  • 50% reduction of potable water use by 2012 and 100% by 2015
  • 80% reduction of total caustic use by 2012
  • Design an environmental impact and performance indicator for its products and services by 2015

Approach: The business favours a holistic approach that emphasises the importance of engaging and educating employees, as well as monitoring all inputs, outputs and processes via its Environmental Management System.

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Case in Point: No Waste, No Worries

Waste reduction has been a key component of Fletcher Aluminium’s sustainability strategy for a number of years, and this sustained focus has resulted in 90% less waste now being sent to landfills annually.

In real terms this translates to 160 tonnes of waste each year that is being re-used through local recycling of scrap aluminium, glass, timber and paper.

And while a 90% reduction may seem impressive to many, the team at Fletcher Aluminium are by no means satisfied and have targeted an additional 5% reduction by 2012.

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What is Enviro-Mark NZ?

Enviro-Mark, managed by Landcare Research, is an accreditation programme that assists New Zealand businesses in developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems that meet international standards.

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